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Taobao (Chinese: 淘宝网) is a Chinese online shopping website, headquartered in Hangzhou, and owned by Alibaba. It is the world's biggest e-commerce website and seventh most visited website according to Alexa. has registered 2003-04-21 with domain registrar Alibaba Cloud Computing (Beijing) Co., Ltd.


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Qi Emily says

"the delivery service in australia is very bad, paid money but can't get the item"

動漫愛 says

"don't give me refund even I didn't get my purchased stuff ,and bad customer service ever"

Binky Liang says

"I bought 藏奇紫花地丁透皮抑菌膏 which is made in JiAn, JiangXi, China from First batch with 3 bottles was good effect, but once I bought second time, the second batch with 6 bottles was to come from very bad quality. To be compared, colour, smell, effect are very different, and made my skin allergy as well. I am disappointed with its services, I have kind heart to order from them, how did they provide such bad product to its customers? I think I will never order products which will be directly shipped from China again. I am afraid of. Very sorry for such unpleasant issue happening."

Olga Fokina says

"This site is run by fraudsters. Bought few expensive items and received FAKE rayban sunglasses. This thievs use this strategy to avoid chargebacks. They provide bank with tracking number with supposably "delivered" items. Criminals - plain and simple!"

Teresa Chen says

"DO NOT BUY from TAOBAO. It's a scam. I've never received my order and the seller refused to refund. I couldn't ask Taobao to solve the problem because I passed 5-day response time. Not reliable at all. Don't waste your money. There is no secure way to guarantee you will receive your product."

Slane says

"I get it they are the thieves. They still have not refunded my $1500 that was stolen from my gift cards. If I could give this company a negative rating I would. They are theives."

Mic Ong says

"I used to buy thing from Taobao, but recently their service has deteriorated. The Taobao overseas shipping company Zhong Tong is sucks. The set their own rules, happily rejected my goods without good reason. The seller then refuse to refund, i ended up loosing money for nothing. Bought a furniture from Taobao, the seller 全豪旗舰店, very bad customer service. Denied everything, and push all blames to customer. I told them i am going to write bad comment, they said go ahead, they have their way out. Now i really learn how all these sellers got fake good comments. Watch out this shop."

Flying humour says

"This is going to be very lengthy and you should read it thoroughly only if you're seriously considering buying something on Taobao. So i ordered a bunch of stuff on taobao, totaling probably around $3000 CAD. These small parcels were shipped from each individual sellers (These sellers were legit domestic sellers) to this warehouse that Taobao outsourced, and at the warehouse they were separated into three larger parcels to be shipped over sea. After about half a month, they claim they've lost one of my large parcels in the warehouse, and they're only willing to refund me $400 CAD for it (Parcel worth over $1500). I began negotiating with customer service, which was like hell because this company doesnt centralize anythingm they outsource their shipping provider and shipping company (Yes, one shipping provider the other is the shipping company) so I had to go to different customer service people describing what happened over and oevr again, until finally they've agreed to pay me back in full. Plot twist, a day later they claim they found my parcel and its expedited, so it should be arriving in Canada anytime now. I was super happy, only a few days later to find out that parcel wasnt even mine, they gave me the tracking number for someone else's order (Coincidentally, someone who also lives in the Toronto area). I went to the shipping provider's customer service and they confirmed that all the shipping details doesnt match, the address, name, phone number, and even the contents of the parcel don't match (I ordered some model kits and this parcel was a musical book), so she said let her look into it and asked me to check again the next day. The next day I went back and she started saying that the parcel has been delivered and its mine, ignoring all the evidence (Those that she sent me the night before) that I provided. So there you go, my experience with TAOBAO is absolutely $#*!, a incompetent Amazon wannabe that cant even straignten up their customer service department. This entire process spanned over one and a half month, and I'm tired of it. I'm in the process of arguing for my money back, but who knows if they'll give it back. Come to think of it, this entire "Parcel recovered" thing maybe was just a plot to put the blame on me. If you're considering buying something from TAOBAO thats expensive, trust me, don't do it. It's not going to be worth the time, effort, and risk. Also, if you don't speak Chinese, good luck contacting their customer service. This journey was extremely painful even for a native chinese like me. Best of luck."

Luke O'Flynn says

"Ordered, paid, undelivered. No customer service and cancel order / refund Link doesn't work. Theives...."

RJ Morph says

"My nipples are hard, and I have no way of softening them."

Hwee Hoon Lee says

"Their customer service is REALLY BAD. If you chat with them in the app, whenever there is a problem, they cut you off and you get transferred to another agent. If you try to call their hotline like i tried in Singapore, you CAN NEVER get at the end of the day, the problem NEVER get solved."

Jago says

"Complex. Strange. But sometimes rewarding when you finally get access to the minion sellers of China fighting to survive under the boot. Bear in mind that western logic doesn't apply here. If they don't have access to a courier for your country, maybe they'll just send it to a random consolidator like one seller did to me - and won't tell you. Or maybe they'll try to force you to pay with AliPay with a strange, unexpected selection of goods... but they'll do this after you've started to pay... and you can't get AliPay in your country. The thing is, you can't really review Taobao because it's a selection of sellers just like ebay. And, just like ebay, the madness is there.... only it's Chinese madness. By the way, the site is heavy, heavy spyware, badly coded and will set off alarms."

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